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#60 - Kenny Keogh


Kenny Keogh is the Chief Operating Officer at UON. Working his way through the ranks of the family run organization, Kenny has watch UON transform from a small business to a company that now employees over 300 staff. UON is a Western Australian integrated energy company providing turnkey solutions to the resources sector and beyond.


Episode Timestamps

[01:23] - How did you first become involved in the equipment rental industry?

[05:06] - Kenny talks about the history of UON

[07:48] - What does it mean to be your own manufacturer?

[10:08] - How important is it to keep you on an Australian family owned business?

[12:16] - Kenny talks about UON being recognised by the Clean Energy Council and what it means for their business

[15:48] - Can you talk through the breadth of products and services you offer?

[17:18] - How has technology evolved over the years within UON?

[20:41] - Who do you think played a big influence on you from a mentor perspective?

[23:56] - If you could give some advice to your younger self, what would you say?

[27:12] - How do you define success?

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