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#57 - Kyle Clements


Kyle Clements is the founder of quipli, a business that helps take equipment rental businesses online. Kyle is relatively new to the industry, however to fast track his knowledge interviewed over 100 equipment rental businesses to find out whether or not they wanted an online store front, and what the business requirements would be. We dive into the results, while talking about general advice around the topic of e-commerce and the equipment rental industry.


Episode Transcription & Timestamps

[01:19] - How did you first became involved in the equipment rental industry?

[07:40] - Kyle talks about the results from interviewing 100 rental companies about online rental transactions

[13:39] - What is the difference between a B2B and B2C online transaction?

[17:20] - What is the definition of e-commerce?

[21:24] - How does an e-commence platform, a company website and customer portal all work together?

[23:11] - What is a payment gateway and how does it work on a website?

[25:07] - How does an equipment rental business manage the rollout of an online storefront?

[27:39] - Kyle talks about sourcing equipment photos for customers to display online

[29:19] - Kyle talks about displaying rental rates online

[30:33] - Kyle talks about integration between online store fronts and rental management software

[33:23] - What do you think is being the biggest challenge you've faced in your career so far?

[34:40] - So who do you think has been a big influence on your career so far?

[38:48] - How do you define success?

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