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Peer Groups

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What is a Peer Group?

The Rental Journal Peer Groups offer individuals in the equipment rental industry an opportunity to network, learn and have peer driven accountability to help you achieve your goals. The meetings are held with the upmost confidentially and will include individuals that are not in direct competition to your existing company.

Meet twice a year online in small groups where The Rental Journal will provide a facilitator. At the start of each meeting the goals and action points from the previous meeting will be reviewed as a group.

Why join a Peer Group?

  • Network with others in the equipment rental industry

  • Share your ideas and goals in a safe space

  • Be held accountable for actioning your goals

  • Learn from like minded people

  • Share any challenges you are facing and receive feedback and advice from the Peer Group

How it works


Request an interview for a potential Peer Group placement


Confirm the peer group allocation. Peer groups in Australia, North America, UK & NZ


Finalize annual Peer Group fee and receive the details of your Peer Group


Meet twice a year with your Peer Group and receive individual action items

Interested in joining a Peer Group? Get in touch!

We will be in touch shortly!

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