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The Rental Journal podcast offers unparalleled insights into business successes and challenges, career progression, new technologies and industry-provoking topics from around the world. The Rental Journal Podcast aims to increase awareness of the hire and rental industry while also providing a platform for listeners to learn about the experiences from others in the rental industry.

#145 - Scott Irwin

Scott Irwin is the President of Delux Rental. Delux Rental is a family-owned business and have been serving South Eastern Michigan with construction and homeowner equipment rentals since 1966! Scott is also the 60th President of the American Rental Association, and served in 2023 as the ARA Board Chairman.

#144 - John Jeanguenat

John Jeanguenat is the President at RentalMax, a U.S based equipment rental business serving Chicago, Northwest Indiana and South Wisconsin.

Michael Larsen caught up with John during the ARA Show in New Orleans, learning about RentalMax and John's involvement with the American Rental Association.

#143 - Tom Wood

Tom Wood of Camden Hire was awarded the Young Professional of the Year 2023 by the Hire & Rental Industry Association, and was recently completing his exchange program in the U.S with A Tool Shed Equipment Rentals in California.

This is Tom's second time on the The Rental Journal Podcast, as we managed to catch up with him during the recent ARA Show in New Orleans.

#142 - Max Line

Max Line serves as the Director of LGC Equipment Hire & LGC Traffic, headquartered in Perth, Western Australia. He started LGC Traffic and expanded its operations to employ over 300 staff, frequently requiring the need to rent traffic equipment. Rather than depending on external hire services, Max established LGC Equipment Hire, which has since emerged as Western Australia's premier supplier of quality construction and event equipment for hire.

This strategic move has empowered LGC to fulfil internal hiring needs while simultaneously offering portable toilets, access, and traffic equipment within the WA market. One thing to note about LGC Equipment Hire is all their equipment is bright pink!

#141 - Matthew Hoy

Matt Hoy is the General Manager at Kelm Hire, one of Australia's fastest growth hire companies. With two locations in Melbourne, Kelm Hire takes pride in offering one of Melbourne’s most expansive and diverse equipment rental inventories, encompassing hand tools, power tools, access equipment, earth moving machinery, material handling equipment, and scaffolding.

This episode was sponsored by Rouse Insights. Rouse delivers actionable, accurate, and confidential benchmarking solutions tailored to meet the needs of construction equipment rental companies and dealers. Get started with a FREE trial today!

#140 - Emmanuel Georgoudis

Emmanuel Georgoudis is the National Operations Centre Manager at Coates & The NSW President of the HRIA.

Joining the equipment rental industry straight out of high school, Emmanuel talks through his journey working at Coates for the past 18 years and his involvement with the Hire & Rental Industry Association.

#139 - Kevin Ennis

Kevin Ennis has over 35 years experience in the equipment rental industry, working at companies such as Wreckair Hire, Vermeer, Coates, Conplant, Redstar & Atlas CEA.

This episode was sponsored by Rouse Insights. Rouse delivers actionable, accurate, and confidential benchmarking solutions tailored to meet the needs of construction equipment rental companies and dealers. Get started with a FREE trial today!

#138 - Jeremy Shaw

Jeremy Shaw is the HRIA National President and the Sales & Marketing Manager at Master Hire. This episode was hosted by the new addition to The Rental Journal Podcast, Michael Larsen.

33 years ago the Shaw family opened the doors of the first Master Hire branch in Toowoomba, Queensland. Still an original Queensland owned and operated family business, Master Hire proudly supplies an extensive range of hire equipment to many customers each day across South East Queensland, the Darling Downs and the Mid North Coast of New South Wales.

#137 - Michael Larsen

Michael Larsen is a returning guest on the podcast, and was awarded the HRIA Young Professional of the Year in 2022. Following on from this award Michael travelled from Australia to the U.S taking part in the International Rental Business Leadership Exchange Program.

In addition to working at Larsen's Air Conditioning Hire, Michael is going to be joining The Rental Journal Podcast and hosting some episodes in the future.

The Hire & Rental Industry Association (HRIA) promotes hire as the preferred choice for Australian business and consumers through supporting members, hire businesses, developing people and growing the industry. Celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2018, the HRIA continues to be a powerful voice for the hire industry in Australia, providing direction and support to enhance the success and safety of hire businesses in Australia.

#136 - Nathan Borg

Nathan Borg was appointed Kennards Hire’s Head of Digital & Customer Experience in October 2021. An experienced digital product specialist, Nathan has a wealth of experience delivering digital products for Kennards Hire and its customers.

With more than seven years working with digital products, Nathan is a digital thought leader with strengths in agile delivery. Responsible for the development and execution of Kennards Hire’s Digital Strategy, he plays a key role in the company’s digital transformation, managing its customer facing digital solutions with an aim to deliver world-class customer experiences.

Nathan has spent a decade working across many verticals within the hire industry such as IT, finance and project management. Notably he delivered the Kennards Hire website through from ideation to delivery – an industry-first - and pioneering eCommerce in the hire industry. He also worked closely in designing and delivering Kennards Hire’s workforce mobility solution which revolutionised the way the business deals with its customers. Along with his experience in hire, Nathan spent some time working on digital transformation projects at Football Australia.

#135 - Phil Mause

Phil Mause is the Senior Vice President at Rouse Services.

Rouse Services is the equipment rental industry's exclusive source for benchmark rate and utilization Data. Giving businesses the opportunity to to make comparisons of rental rates, utilization and other key performance metrics.

With over $65 billion of fleet on a cost basis and $28 billion of rental revenue in the U.S market, Rouse Services is rapidly expanding in Australia and recently onboarded Coates.

Learn more about Rouse Services in the link below:

#134 - Kenneth Kimura

Kenneth Kimura is the Director, Product Development at Wynne Systems. Wynne Systems is used by some of the largest equipment rental businesses in the world and is utilized in over 54 countries. With clients such as United Rentals, Sunbelt Rentals & Herc Rentals, we learn about the history of Wynne Systems and advice for an equipment rental company looking at selecting a new rental software solution.

#133 - Justin Walters

Specializing in GPS tracking in the equipment rental industry, Justin Walters talks through the benefits Geoforce provides to the equipment rental industry and a recent solution they provided to Kennards Hire.

Combining a cloud-based software platform with rugged GPS tracking devices and global satellite and cellular networks, Geoforce’s solutions include efficient asset location and retrieval, rental invoice auditing, service delivery verification, inspection compliance, equipment maintenance alerts, and a host of others.

#132 - Jason Morey

Bandit Industries was started in 1983 in mid-Michigan with six employees, and today Bandit employs over 700 people in over 560,000 square feet of manufacturing space, serving 56 countries with over 50 different models of hand-fed and whole tree chippers, stump grinders, The Beast horizontal grinders, track carriers / skid steer attachments, and Arjes slow speed shredders.

Jason Morey is the Marketing Manager at Bandit Industries shares his insights of the history of the company and its involvement in the equipment rental industry.

#131 - Matt Harris

Matt Harris is the CEO of Texada Software and joined the company in 2022. Prior to Texada Software, Matt was the President and General Manager of Viewpoint and also held leadership roles with FEI Company, Netscape and General Electric.

#130 - Tom Trbojevic

Tom Trbojevic is a professional rugby league player and also a licenced finance broker with iFin Capital with a focus on the equipment rental industry.

Tom recently completed a Bachelor of Applied Finance with the degree of Bachelor of Economics at Macquarie University and talks through the importance of planning a career after a professional sporting career.

#129 - Nathan Hogan

Nathan Hogan is the principal at iFin Capital and was the Asset Finance Broker of the Year at the Australian Broking Awards 2021.

Specializing in asset finance solutions in the equipment rental industry, Nathan talks through navigating your asset finance in 2023.

Learn more about iFin Capital

#128 - Dan Cook

Dan Cook is the Vice President of Power & HVAC at Southwest JCB. During this episode we learn more about the recent reveal of the JCB hydrogen powered combustion engine.

#127 - Kylie Quinn & Damien Smith

In todays episode we are joined by Kylie Quinn & Damien Smith where talk all things insurance in relation to the equipment rental industry.

HRIA Insurance has been specifically designed by Hire Insurance Brokers in conjunction with the HRIA and their members to provide the best insurance products and advice for hire businesses.

#126 - Gil Milton

Gil Milton has over 25 years equipment rental experience in the pumping & dewatering industry. Starting his own business in 2011, Pump Affinity, he would go on to be co-found & be involved with Vortex Hire, Pumps United, Vortex Group of Companies and National Pump & Energy.

#125 - Nathan Mitschuinig

Nathan Mitschuinig is the Business Unit Leader at Select Plant Australia, a company apart of Laing O’Rourke Group. Nathan has worked in the equipment rental industry for over 20 years, gaining experience through Wreckair Hire and Coates Hire.

#124 - Gill Dvir

Gill Dvir is the Managing Director at Alfasi Group. For 40 years Alfasi Group have been at the forefront of the construction industry successfully servicing clients Australia-wide. In 2004 Alfasi Hire was established as a complete standalone hire operation and have continued to grow exponentially with a focus on in access equipment and crane dry hire.

#122 - Tim Nuttall

Tim Nuttall is the Managing Director at Access Hire, the National Vice President of the Elevating Work Platform Association of Australia and an active mentor in the HRIA Women In Hire & Access Program. Tim has worked in the equipment rental industry for over 40 years working at companies such as Wreckair and JLG Industries, and was the recipient of the Dave Single Award at HIRE22.

#121 - Dan Clifton

Dan Clifton is based in Melbourne Australia and is the General Manager at Site HQ, which is part of 1300TempFence.

#120 - Five Ways for a leader to win people's trust

Before your customers can trust your employees, your employees need to trust the leadership & management team. During this episode we dive into five Ways for a leader to win people's trust.

#119 - Andrew Satterley

Andrew Satterley is a strategist, author & mentor in the equipment rental industry and has over 25 years of senior leadership experience working at the likes of Crown Equipment, Linde Material Handling, JLG Industries, Adaptalift Hyster, Baseplan & Access Group Australia.

Andrew Satterley recently published his first book "Redefine, Reimagine, Recreate" and was written to enable business owners, or business managers to have an easy to read, helping hand in improving their business.

Purchase the book, or learn more about Andrew Satterley here -->

#118 - Customer Focused KPI's for your equipment rental business

During this podcast episode we dive into some of the core customer focused KPI's for your equipment rental business.

- Quoting turnaround times
- Equipment delivered on time
- Equipment fit to spec & reliable
- Breakdown response & item swaps

#117 - Alexander Greschner

The Rental Journal Podcast attended Bauma 2022 in Munich and managed to catch up with Alexander Greschner. Alexander is the Chief Sales Officer at Wacker Neuson SE.

We talked about Bauma 2022, the history of Wacker Neuson, the latest technology and equipment and learn a little more about Alexander.

#116 - How to measure customer experience in the equipment rental industry

During this podcast episode we dive into how you can start to measure the effectiveness of your customer experience within the equipment rental industry.

#115 - Michael Larsen

Michael Larsen of Larsen's Air Conditioning Hire was the recipient of the 2022 HRIA Young Professional of the Year award. Michael explains how he first joined the equipment rental industry through his family's business and his involvement in the HRIA Young Professionals Network & mentoring program.

#114 - Understanding your customers decision making process

During this podcast episode I dive into understanding the decision making process of a customer wanting to rent equipment.

- Are you close to where we work?
- Do you have the equipment I require?
- Are they big enough that they won't go broke during the project?
- Do they have safety procedures in place?
- Do they do anything special that will add value to my business?

#113 - Justin Pitts

Justin Pitts is the Managing Director at Blue Diamond Machinery. Blue Diamond Machinery is committed to being at the forefront of the energy transition and assisting in Australia's commitment to Net Zero carbon emission by 2050. As such, they are heavily investing in alternative Power Solutions to the traditional diesel offerings.

Blue Diamond Machinery aims to be at the forefront of these solutions which include Hybrid Generators, Energy Storage Systems (ESS) and Hydrogen Powered Generators.

#112 - Ash Brown

Ash Brown is the CEO & Founder of Empiraa. Ash has worked at likes of Coates Hire, 1300 Temp Fence & TAXIBOX and would eventually go onto start his own tech business, Empiraa.

#111 - John Stewart

John Stewart is the Group CEO at Makinex Construction Equipment.

Makinex makes inefficiencies extinct by inventing and manufacturing solution-driven products, that provide the global construction community new ways to increase productivity, profitability & efficiency. There are now 4,580 rental stores around the world with Makinex Products.

#110 - Josh Mosko

Josh Mosko is the previous Managing Director of LogiMove America and today is the Vice President of Business Development at CES Power.

LogiMove CheckMobile Global was recently acquired by Banneker, the same company who recently acquired Texada Software.

Josh has worked in the equipment rental industry for the past 20 years and the last 10 years in various executive roles globally. Josh worked for industry leading companies such as United Rentals, Herc Rentals and Red-d-Arc.

#109 - U OK? Day

On the 8th September 2022 is R U OK? Day and I wanted to talk about how a conversation could change a life. You don't need to be an expert to reach out to someone who may be struggling with life - just a good friend and a great listener. Learn more about R U OK? at

#108 - Adam Lawrence

Adam Lawrence is the Co-Founder of Boom & Bucket. Boom and Bucket is a tech start up in the heavy equipment industry that is building the modern marketplace for all things heavy equipment.

#107 - Dan Cook

Baseline Energy Services are located in Fort Worth Texas and specializes in providing efficient, cost-effective natural gas, propane, and diesel power generation solutions to the oil and gas, mining, and construction sectors.

#106 - Alma Duran

Alma Duran is a Branch Manager at the United Rentals Fluid Solutions location in Midland Texas.

Joining the industry almost 5 years ago, Alma hit the ground running and was the recipient of the United Rentals President Award along with the Women's leadership Award.

For those of you that aren't aware of United Rentals. United Rentals is the largest equipment rental business in the world, with over 1,300 locations, 20,000 staff and 4,300 classes of equipment.

#105 - Alexander Schuessler

Alexander Schuessler is the President, International Group & Founder at SmartEquip.

Alexander was a Co-Founder of Caterpillar Rental Services Network, and initiative put together by Caterpillar in the 90's to investigate the potential future of rental. This formed an introduction to the equipment rental industry, where Alexander noticed the challenge businesses were having when trying to procure parts.

Fast forward to today and SmartEquip is now used by the top 5 largest equipment rental businesses in the world to streamline their parts procurement processes.

#104 - Jamie Haitas

Jamie Haitas is the General Manager at Mr Traffic Hire Australia in Melbourne, Australia. This is Jamie's second time on the podcast as we learn about two recent acquisitions he has made expanding into the general rental space through CitiWest Rentals.

#103 - Cody Stewart

Cody Stewart is a Product Analytics Manager at Sunbelt Rentals. Cody grew up in the equipment rental industry through his families independent rental business, DJ Rentals in Columbia Tennessee. Eventually Sunbelt Rentals came knocking and acquired their family business, and Cody would stay on as a Profit Centre Manager (Branch Manager).

During this episode we learn what it is like to be acquired by Sunbelt Rentals, and what career opportunities are available after your business is acquired.

#102 - Nathan Venables

Nathan Venables is the Head of Fleet & Procurement at Kennards Hire and the current NSW Hire & Rental Industry Association (HRIA) President.

Nathan has worked in the equipment rental industry for almost two decades, joining Kennards Hire in 2005 through the Oaks Hire acquisition. Starting his career as a Serviceperson Driver at the Unanderra Branch on the NSW South Coast, he worked his way through the branch ranks to the role of Branch Manager, Corrimal in 2009. In 2012, he took on the role of Area Manager for the NSW South Coast and Southern Sydney region looking after branches across this network. With a passion for new equipment, innovation, fleet optimisation and transportation, he was appointed Head of Fleet & Procurement.

#101 - Scott Daly

Scott Daly is the JLG General Manager of Australia & New Zealand. I managed to catch up with Scott at the HIRE22 convention in Adelaide, during the episode we learn how Scott first joined the industry and roles he has had over his career, some of JLG's new products such Service Plus, the new electric powered rough terrain scissor lifts and compact crawler boom while learning about JLG's manufacturing capabilities in Port Macquarie.

#100 - Pete Maginnis

Pete Maginnis is the General Manager at Makinex Construction Products USA and was pivotal in the expansion of Makinex Construction Products from Australia into the U.S market.

#099 - Todd Cane

Todd Cane is a Director at ProLift Trucks, a company that provides Material Handling solutions covering sales, servicing and rental in Sydney Australia.

#098 - Chris Bradley

Chris Bradley is the Managing Director at VRents Construction Equipment. Located in South Australia, VRents provides specialist rental services to the civil construction, bulk materials handling, major projects, quarries, pipeline, utilities infrastructure, road construction, mining, site remediation and bulk earthworks industries.

#097 - Ian Coleman

Ian Coleman is the Managing Director at Conplant, a company with over 60 years of history in the Australian equipment rental industry.

#096 - Tom Wood

Tom is a Hire Controller and Transport Coordinator at Camden Hire in Sydney Australia. Tom is 21 and is the youngest guest we have had on the podcast and shares his insights from joining the equipment rental industry while in high school to now working full-time at Camden Hire.

#095 - Mark Simonsen

Mark Simonsen is the host of The Rental Journal Podcast. Many requests have come in over the past year to learn about Mark's story, so Gary Radford of Mynt Group stepped up to the plate to host this weeks podcast episode.

#094 - Glenn Martin

Glenn Martin is the Managing Director at Ahern Australia / New Zealand and the President of Snorkel Asia.

#093 -Ben Blood

Ben Blood is the Vice President of Big L Rentals & Sales an equipment rental company based in Garden City Kansas.

#092 - Federica Gargiuli

Federica Gargiuli is regarded as one of the top recruitment specialist in the equipment rental industry, and the founder of Talent Supply. Federica talks about her journey in the equipment rental industry, talks about some of the common challenges rental businesses are faced with and provides some tips on improving your recruitment strategy.

#091 - Curtis Fort

Curtis Fort is CEO of Construction Credit and Finance Group and specializes in debt collection.

#090 - Gary Radford

Gary Radford is the Managing Director of Mynt Group a company focused on power, fuel & distribution products. Gary has a lifetime of experience in the equipment rental industry working at Wreckair, Donpra Hire, Onsite Rental Group and starting his own businesses Generator Solutions, WASP & Rhino FSD which would eventually be merged into Vortex Group of Companies and sold to National Pump and Energy (NPE).

#089 - Ryan Condon

Ryan Condon is the CEO of Satisfyd, a company focused on customer and employee experience management programs for the equipment industry.

#088 - Jim Lee

Jim Lee is the Managing Director of The Fleet Office. Jim spent 14 years in the British Army in various roles, including being trained as a heavy diesel fitter and later an officer managing a construction Squadron in Afghanistan. He would then move to Australia in 2010 to manage the largest privately owned vehicle and equipment fleet in Queensland, before eventually starting The Fleet Office.

#087 - Greg Pugh

Greg Pugh is the Managing Director of Genelite and has been involved in the power generation industry for close to 30 years.

#086 - Greg Parfitt

Greg Parfitt has worked in the equipment rental industry for over 30 years. Greg has had senior leadership roles at National Hire & Coates Hire before eventually joining Orange Hire as CEO.

#085 - Tom Kimber

Tom Kimber is the General Manager of Kennards Hire, New Zealand. Working in the New Zealand equipment rental industry for over 20 years, Tom was originally working at McEntee Hire before Kennards Hire acquired the business in 2012 and opened up the the first Kennards Hire New Zealand branch.

#084 - Michelle Summers & Steve Painter

Steve Painter and Michelle-Lee Summers are the founders of Site Smart Technology. We learn about how their technology solutions are helping digitize the construction, with a focus on Pre-Starts, plant dockets, timesheets, GPS Tracking & QR Codes.

#083 - Grant Voysey

Grant Voysey worked at Coates Hire for 25 years in various sales roles and is one of the most experienced sales operators in the equipment rental industry. Today Grant is the Business Development Manager at Hoisting Equipment Specialists.

#082 - Steven Taylor

Steven Taylor is the CEO of Adaptalift Group. Working in the equipment rental industry for over 30 years Steven has worked at companies such as Wreckair, AH Plant Hire, National Hire & Adaptalift Group.

#081 - Josh Nickell

Josh Nickell is the Vice President, Equipment Segment at the American Rental Association. Growing up in the equipment rental industry, Josh was first exposed to the industry through his grand-father's business, Taylor Rental. Josh would go onto become the CEO of Nickell Rental which was eventually acquired by Sunbelt Rentals, Inc. Following the acquisition Josh would gain experience at Point of Rental Software, while also becoming a Strategic Advisor of easyToolhire and LogiMove CheckMobile Global.

#080 - Andrew Donald

Andrew Donald is the Managing Director of Total Generators, a company based in Queensland, Australia. Working in the industry for over 30 years, Andrew is 2nd generation rental joining the industry through his father, Ian Donald & Paul Caprara's business, Donpra Hire.

#079 - David Schurman

David Schurman is the General Manager of Western Australia at Kennards Hire. Growing up in Phoenix Arizona, David was exposed to the equipment rental industry at a young age through The Home Depot & A-Z Equipment and would eventually migrate to Australia.

#078 - Joshua Inskip

Joshua Inskip is the Regional Sales Manager NSW at Onsite Rental Group in Australia. Working in the equipment rental for 18 years, Joshua has prior experience at companies such as Kennards Hire, Ausco Modular, Royal Wolf & Onsite Rental Group.

#077 - Steven Whitehead

Steven Whitehead is the Areas Sales Manager at Vermeer Australia, which is part of RDO Equipment Australia. Working at Kennards Hire for 8 years and Hilti for 7 years, we learn about Steven's journey in the equipment rental industry.

#076 - Emily Donney

Emily Donney is the Senior Rental Controller at All Lift Forklifts & Access Equipment. Working in the equipment rental industry for 12 years, Emily shares some of the challenges she faced early in her career, advice she would give to women joining the equipment rental industry and what a normal day looks like for a Rental Controller.

#075 - Joe Valen

Joe Valen is the Director of Rental & Leasing at Millennium Rental & Leasing. Based in the U.S we learn about Joe's journey in the equipment rental industry and how Fiber Optic Equipment is used to reduce the time it takes to install cabling.

#074 - Alex Kraft

Alex Kraft has over 20 years experience in the equipment rental industry and is the Founder and CEO of Heave. Heave helps connect sales reps with customers that are looking to buy or rent heavy equipment.

#073 - Top 10 Moments

We are at the final episode of 2021! To celebrate the end of the year we thought it would be great to reflect on the top 10 moments from the podcast throughout the year. Thank you to all the amazing guests, and support from our listeners, sponsors & partners!

#072 - Rebecca Waters

Rebecca Waters is the Managing Director of Hi-Range Crane Forks & the Co-Founder of the Women in Equipment Hire Facebook Page. Specializing in both wet and dry hire of rail equipment in Sydney Australia, Rebecca shares her journey in the industry.

#071 - Clint White

Clint White was awarded the 2021 Hire and Rental Industry Association Young Professional of the Year. Working in the dewatering industry for over 14 years, he has had roles such as dewatering Technician, Project Supervisor, Project Manager, Branch Manager & Depot Manager. Today he is a Sales Specialist at National Pump & Energy based in Western Australia.

#070 - Maureen Mousdell

Maureen Mousdell has over 25 years working at companies such as Brambles Forklifts, Access Group & Source Machinery. During her career Maureen has had various roles including Parts Manager, Service Co-Ordinator, Hire Manager, Account Manager and Service Operations Manager. Maureen also gives back to the industry through her involvement in the Women in Equipment Hire Facebook Group & the HRIA Women in Hire Program.

#069 - Charles Anderson

Charles Anderson is the co-founder of Arrow and is the first guest to feature for a second time on The Rental Journal Podcast. We learn more about the Arrow solution, in particular its group chat feature, the purpose of a marketing campaign and how Arrow has managed its culture while working remotely over the past 12 months.

#068 - George Whyte

George Whyte is the Aggreko Managing Director, Australia Pacific and Global Mining Sector Leader. Joining Aggreko 22 years ago, he has had roles such as Sales Manager, Temperature Control Manager, Sales & Marketing Director & Area General Manager. We learn about George's journey in the equipment rental industry, the history of Aggreko, the challenges of running a true global organization, some of Aggreko's initiatives such as their Net Zero Target & Reconciliation action plan and the process to Aggreko winning the 2021 HRIA Rental Company of the Year.

#067 - Van Cuong Lo

Van Cuong Lo is the NSW State Sales Manager at Bendi Australia, a company part of Hubtex Australia. Van has over a decode of experience in the material handling industry, working in both Australia & Vietnam.

#066 - Rosemary Tilley

Rosemary Tilley is the Company Director at Construction Advisor, a company that provides Professional Development, Coaching, workshop facilitation, research services and the latest news in construction. We cover a range of topics with a focus on organization and personal wellbeing.

#065 - Erin Johnston

Erin Johnston is the Director of South Coast Party Hire and the Hire & Rental Industry Association Events President.

#064 - Charlie Pidcock

Charlie Pidcock has over 30 years sales experience, and first got exposed to the equipment rental industry in the early 2000's with National Hire. Going onto work at companies such as Coates Hire & Aggreko, Charlie would later find his passion in training & coaching of sales teams. A number of equipment rental businesses now enlist their sales teams into Charlie Pidcock's B2B Selling Series course.

#063 - James MacPherson

James MacPherson has over 18 years in the equipment rental industry, working at companies such as Coates Hire & Onsite Rental Group. He worked his way through various customer facing roles within the branches but would eventually find a passion for pricing & data. Today James is a specialist in analysing equipment rental rates, while also helping rental companies better utilize their data through reporting solutions. From this passion, James would go onto start his own company called Wolf and Bear Services, where he provides consulting services to the equipment rental industry.

#062 - Patrick Tunnicliffe

Patrick Tunnicliffe has a background in mechanical and maintenance engineering and world cup snowboard racing but found himself in the equipment rental industry in 2010. His engineering, planning, process efficiency, and operations background complimented his role as General Manager of a rental store which led to dramatic improvements of the operations and profitability of the company. Today Patrick is sharing his experiences and helping owners do the same from a business consulting perspective with a focus on leveraging technology to exponentially improve their businesses.

#061 - Aileen Hiskins

Aileen Hiskins is the founder of Strategic Alignment Training, a company that delivers coaching, mentoring and training programs. Aileen was involved in the design and ongoing delivery of the Hire and Rental Industry Association Women in Hire & Access Mentoring Program, Young Professional Network & HATS (Hire Apprenticeship training scheme).

#059 - Colleen Cohen

Colleen Cohen has been involved in the equipment rental industry for the past 47 years, first joining the industry with Coates Hire in 1973. Throughout her career she has worked at the likes of National Hire, Abbott Hire, RentQuip and Baseplan Software.

#058 - Charles Anderson

Charles Anderson is the co-founder of Arrow, a company looking to change the way sales reps in the heavy equipment industry interact with CRM solutions. On a mission to eliminate data entry Friday, Charles and the Arrow team visited over 100 different dealerships to talk to equipment sales managers, reps and owners to build Arrow from the ground up.

Learn more about Arrow at

#057 - Kyle Clements

Kyle Clements is the founder of quipli, a business that helps take equipment rental businesses online. Kyle is relatively new to the industry, however to fast track his knowledge interviewed over 100 equipment rental businesses to find out whether or not they wanted an online store front, and what the business requirements would be. We dive into the results, while talking about general advice around the topic of e-commerce and the equipment rental industry.

#056 - Gary Kerr

Gary Kerr is the founder of Kerr's Hire in Victoria, Australia and has over 50 years experience in the equipment rental industry. Gary is a past President of the Hire and Rental Industry Association and is truly an industry legend.

#055 - Ash Woodcock

Ash Woodcock is the CEO / Owner of RPM Hire, a company that recently hit 10 years in operation. Ash established RPM Hire in 2011, whilst studying for a Bachelor of Commerce and Master of Civil Engineering, RPM Hire initially was an entrepreneurial exercise for Ash, which has now become a successful business specializing in traffic solutions throughout Australia.

#054 - Cliff Chadwick

Cliff Chadwick has over 40 years experience in the equipment rental industry, and is the owner of Chadwick Forklifts. Chadwick Forklifts was the 2021 HRIA Rental Company of the Year under $5M.

#053 - Matt Whalen

Matt Whalen is the Service Manager at Forklifts of Minnesota, and is also known as the Head Coach of the Service Department. Working at Forklifts of Minnesota for 17 years, Matt explains his journey within the company, advice to up and coming technicians and also what the purpose is of a Service Manager within an equipment rental business.

#052 - Jesse Buckingham

Jesse Buckingham is the CEO at Record360. Jesse talks about how he first joined the equipment rental industry, some of the most common challenges equipment rental businesses face when it comes to pre and post rental activities, ways to increase your damage collection and reflects on some advice he would provide his younger self.

#051 - Matt Lambert

Matt Lambert is the Co Founder of R&L Energy Rentals, and the Co Owner of Pinkwater Canada. Matt started R&L Energy Rentals with his business partner, Tyler Ramage, at just 19 years old when he saw an opportunity in the equipment rental industry.

#050 - Aaron Witt

Aaron Witt is the CEO & Founder of BuildWitt, a company on a mission to make the dirt world a better place.

#049 - Luke Habza

Based in Canada, Luke Habza first joined Equipment Corps 19 years ago and has moved his way up the ranks in various departments. Joining a business that specializes in technical rental, sales & service solutions, Luke would gain experience in the compliance testing and servicing, customer service and sales team. Part of his first role in the business was actually sweeping the floor, and the career progression only come about through Luke putting his hand up and saying yes to opportunities. Today Luke looks after the National Sales & Business Development at Equipment Corp.

#048 - El Ioannou

El Ioannou is the Power Access Division Manager at Mr Plant Hire. Based in the London UK, El first joined the equipment rental industry with HSS Hire before eventually gaining additional experience at Ashtead Plant Hire (A-Plant). El talks about some of the challenges she faced throughout her career, how Mr Plant Hire tackled the challenges with COVID-19, advice for other men & women that are looking at joining the equipment rental industry and also how important it is to believe in yourself.

#047 - Sheldon Fingler

Sheldon Fingler is the CEO of Infinite Event Services out of Alberta Canada. Sheldon talks about how he started his own company, the challenges of running an event rental business during the COVID-19 pandemic and also how they have adopted.

#046 - Stefan Ottl

Stefan Ottl is the Director of Sales & Marketing, Off-Highway at Irdeto. Based in Vienna, Austria, Stefan was first exposed to the equipment industry through Hilti Group and later found a passion for technology in construction. Focusing on driving sustainability in construction, Stefan talks about how he believes customers sharing construction equipment on job sites will become mainstream.

#045 - Ali Hajj

Ali Hajj is a degree qualified and experienced Communication & Electronics Engineer with an accomplished working history spread across 11 years’ practical experience in driving improvement and change initiatives within the heavy equipment/rental industry. Ali first gained his equipment rental experience at the largest Caterpillar Dealership in the Middle East, Zahid Tractor in Saudi Arabia. Having completing various roles within the company, one of Ali's key achievements was Project Managing the Implementation of Infor M3 into Zahid Tractor and Ejar Cat Rental Store.

#044 - Tony Colon

Tony Colon served in the U.S military before eventually joining the equipment rental industry. Tony has worked at companies such as Cummins, Caterpillar, United Rentals and Herc Rentals. Based in San Diego, Tony is a Field Service Technician at Herc Rentals, and recently completed his MBA. Tony talks about the transition from the U.S Military to the civilian life and the journey he has been on to get to where he is today.

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