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The Rental Journal podcast offers unparalleled insights into business successes and challenges, career progression, new technologies and industry-provoking topics from around the world. The Rental Journal Podcast aims to increase awareness of the hire and rental industry while also providing a platform for listeners to learn about the experiences from others in the rental industry.

#62 - Patrick Tunnicliffe

Patrick Tunnicliffe has a background in mechanical and maintenance engineering and world cup snowboard racing but found himself in the equipment rental industry in 2010. His engineering, planning, process efficiency, and operations background complimented his role as General Manager of a rental store which led to dramatic improvements of the operations and profitability of the company. Today Patrick is sharing his experiences and helping owners do the same from a business consulting perspective with a focus on leveraging technology to exponentially improve their businesses.

#61 - Aileen Hiskins

Aileen Hiskins is the founder of Strategic Alignment Training, a company that delivers coaching, mentoring and training programs. Aileen was involved in the design and ongoing delivery of the Hire and Rental Industry Association Women in Hire & Access Mentoring Program, Young Professional Network & HATS (Hire Apprenticeship training scheme).

#60 - Kenny Keogh

Kenny Keogh is the Chief Operating Officer at UON. Working his way through the ranks of the family run organization, Kenny has watch UON transform from a small business to a company that now employees over 300 staff. UON is a Western Australian integrated energy company providing turnkey solutions to the resources sector and beyond.

#59 - Colleen Cohen

Colleen Cohen has been involved in the equipment rental industry for the past 47 years, first joining the industry with Coates Hire in 1973. Throughout her career she has worked at the likes of National Hire, Abbott Hire, RentQuip and Baseplan Software.

#58 - Charles Anderson

Charles Anderson is the co-founder of Arrow, a company looking to change the way sales reps in the heavy equipment industry interact with CRM solutions. On a mission to eliminate data entry Friday, Charles and the Arrow team visited over 100 different dealerships to talk to equipment sales managers, reps and owners to build Arrow from the ground up.

Learn more about Arrow at https://www.rentalarrow.com/podcast

#57 - Kyle Clements

Kyle Clements is the founder of quipli, a business that helps take equipment rental businesses online. Kyle is relatively new to the industry, however to fast track his knowledge interviewed over 100 equipment rental businesses to find out whether or not they wanted an online store front, and what the business requirements would be. We dive into the results, while talking about general advice around the topic of e-commerce and the equipment rental industry.

#56 - Gary Kerr

Gary Kerr is the founder of Kerr's Hire in Victoria, Australia and has over 50 years experience in the equipment rental industry. Gary is a past President of the Hire and Rental Industry Association and is truly an industry legend.

#55 - Ash Woodcock

Ash Woodcock is the CEO / Owner of RPM Hire, a company that recently hit 10 years in operation. Ash established RPM Hire in 2011, whilst studying for a Bachelor of Commerce and Master of Civil Engineering, RPM Hire initially was an entrepreneurial exercise for Ash, which has now become a successful business specializing in traffic solutions throughout Australia.

#54 - Cliff Chadwick

Cliff Chadwick has over 40 years experience in the equipment rental industry, and is the owner of Chadwick Forklifts. Chadwick Forklifts was the 2021 HRIA Rental Company of the Year under $5M.

#53 - Matt Whalen

Matt Whalen is the Service Manager at Forklifts of Minnesota, and is also known as the Head Coach of the Service Department. Working at Forklifts of Minnesota for 17 years, Matt explains his journey within the company, advice to up and coming technicians and also what the purpose is of a Service Manager within an equipment rental business.

#52 - Jesse Buckingham

Jesse Buckingham is the CEO at Record360. Jesse talks about how he first joined the equipment rental industry, some of the most common challenges equipment rental businesses face when it comes to pre and post rental activities, ways to increase your damage collection and reflects on some advice he would provide his younger self.

#51 - Matt Lambert

Matt Lambert is the Co Founder of R&L Energy Rentals, and the Co Owner of Pinkwater Canada. Matt started R&L Energy Rentals with his business partner, Tyler Ramage, at just 19 years old when he saw an opportunity in the equipment rental industry.

#50 - Aaron Witt

Aaron Witt is the CEO & Founder of BuildWitt, a company on a mission to make the dirt world a better place.

#49 - Luke Habza

Based in Canada, Luke Habza first joined Equipment Corps 19 years ago and has moved his way up the ranks in various departments. Joining a business that specializes in technical rental, sales & service solutions, Luke would gain experience in the compliance testing and servicing, customer service and sales team. Part of his first role in the business was actually sweeping the floor, and the career progression only come about through Luke putting his hand up and saying yes to opportunities. Today Luke looks after the National Sales & Business Development at Equipment Corp.

#48 - El Ioannou

El Ioannou is the Power Access Division Manager at Mr Plant Hire. Based in the London UK, El first joined the equipment rental industry with HSS Hire before eventually gaining additional experience at Ashtead Plant Hire (A-Plant). El talks about some of the challenges she faced throughout her career, how Mr Plant Hire tackled the challenges with COVID-19, advice for other men & women that are looking at joining the equipment rental industry and also how important it is to believe in yourself.

#47 - Sheldon Fingler

Sheldon Fingler is the CEO of Infinite Event Services out of Alberta Canada. Sheldon talks about how he started his own company, the challenges of running an event rental business during the COVID-19 pandemic and also how they have adopted.

#46 - Stefan Ottl

Stefan Ottl is the Director of Sales & Marketing, Off-Highway at Irdeto. Based in Vienna, Austria, Stefan was first exposed to the equipment industry through Hilti Group and later found a passion for technology in construction. Focusing on driving sustainability in construction, Stefan talks about how he believes customers sharing construction equipment on job sites will become mainstream.

#45 - Ali Hajj

Ali Hajj is a degree qualified and experienced Communication & Electronics Engineer with an accomplished working history spread across 11 years’ practical experience in driving improvement and change initiatives within the heavy equipment/rental industry. Ali first gained his equipment rental experience at the largest Caterpillar Dealership in the Middle East, Zahid Tractor in Saudi Arabia. Having completing various roles within the company, one of Ali's key achievements was Project Managing the Implementation of Infor M3 into Zahid Tractor and Ejar Cat Rental Store.

#44 - Tony Colon

Tony Colon served in the U.S military before eventually joining the equipment rental industry. Tony has worked at companies such as Cummins, Caterpillar, United Rentals and Herc Rentals. Based in San Diego, Tony is a Field Service Technician at Herc Rentals, and recently completed his MBA. Tony talks about the transition from the U.S Military to the civilian life and the journey he has been on to get to where he is today.

#43 - Stephen Donnelley

Stephen Donnelley is a Director at Donnelley Civil and Vortex Group of Companies. Stephen was the Managing Director of National Hire Group, which eventually merged with Coates Hire, Australia's largest equipment rental business. Growing up in a family business in Wollongong, Stephen was mentored by his father and some of the industry greats, such as Andy Kennard, Barry McDonald, Neville Kennard, Sam Greenberg and Peter Lancken to name just a few.

#42 - Andy Martin

Andy Martin is the Managing Director of Martin Plant Hire, an independent, Scottish firm with depots covering the whole of Scotland. Andy is second generation rental with his father starting the business 47 years ago. Growing to become one of the largest independent hire firms in Scotland, Martin Plant Hire recently acquired the rights to the easyToolhire Scotland brand.

#41 - Bruce Fouracre

Bruce Fouracre has over 25 years experience in the equipment rental industry and is one of the Directors of 1300TempFence. Starting with the family business back when it was called Ready Bin, Bruce would help take the business on a journey to become one of Australia's leading temporary fencing providers for what is known today as 1300TempFence.

#40 - Doug Levings

Doug Levings has over 40 years experience in the equipment rental industry, running his own company and also working at various independent and national rental companies throughout Australia. During one of Doug's first interviews he was told that he would never make in the equipment rental industry. He would go to eventually become the Manager of that individual and have a successful career in the industry. Doug talks about the importance of mental health and being honest with yourself, explaining some of the struggles he faced and how he overcome them. Multiple guests on this podcast have mentioned that Doug was an influential figure in their career.

#39 - Jason Stanczyk

Jason Stanczyk is the Vice President of Operations for EDCO, an American manufacturer of surface preparation equipment, professional sawing equipment, demolition and drilling machines. EDCO also provides hand tools and vacuum systems. EDCO is family owned and operated. Jason is 3rd generation rental. His grandfather Leo Swan, an ARA 2006 Hall of Fame Inductee, started EDCO with his business partner Ed Harding. Leo and Ed, rental store employees in the 1950s, began solving their rental customers’ problems by creating products for their specific needs.

#38 - Steven Brooks

Steven Brooks is the National Sales Director at Great Lakes Lifting Solutions, a family owned equipment rental business based out of Illinois. Steven talks about the benefit of renting out niche products in the rental industry, the challenge of spending long amounts of time travelling for work, becoming a Spydercrane dealer and the exclusive dealer for SmartLift and how social media and video content plays such an important role in keeping customers informed about equipment available for rent.

#37 - Blake Menning

Blake Menning is the Vice President at All Choice Rentals out of Alberta Canada. Blake has won numerous awards including Rental Person of the Year through the Canadian Rental Association, he was included in the 14 people to watch under 40 list and was nominated in the Ernst & Young EY Entrepreneur of the Year.

#36 - Freddie Blanton

Freddie Blanton is a Sales Representative at Bobcat of Spartanburg, however he is no ordinary Sales Representative. Freddie has managed to build up a fantastic social media following where he uploads videos of his Hey Hey Hey It's Freddie at Bobcat video series. He also placed first in the Bobcat 2020 “Give Us Your Pitch” Contest.

#35 - Bryan Peters

Bryan Peters has over 20 years experience in the equipment rental industry. Bryan is the President at AdvanceTrac Equipment, a full-service equipment brokering and consulting firm focused on optimizing heavy equipment fleets. Bryan talks about growing up in the family rental business in Texas, going into business for himself and some of the challenges he faced in starting a company during in the middle of 2020.

#34 - Mike Rooney

Mike Rooney is the General Manager at World Wide Rental Services in Denver Colorado. Focusing on large earthmoving equipment, Mike was the companies first employee and has helped grown the business to 10 locations across the U.S. Mike talks about some of the challenges he faced when he first the rental industry, how World Wide Rental Services significantly increased their equipment damage recovery and his journey to become the General Manager.

#33 - Caleb Yell

Caleb Yell is the CEO of Rental Hosting and is the leading the charge in terms of helping transition the equipment rental industry into having more of an online presence. In this episode Caleb provides advice to rental businesses that are thinking about increasing their digital footprint, how he fell in love with the equipment rental industry and what are some of the common challenges people are faced with when trying to build a new website or customer portal. Completely integrated with Point of Rental, Rental Hosting touches on areas such as online quotes, reservations, equipment availability and pricing.

#32 - Matthew Nemes

Matthew Nemes is the Victorian State Manager at All Lift Forklifts and Access Equipment and joined the equipment rental industry 7 years ago after pursuing a professional soccer career in England. Matthew is also the Founder of Brain Play Performance Management where he helps professional athletes and individuals through developmental coaching, with some of his clients being included in the Australian Socceroo's team.

#31 - Rod Lentino

Rod Lentino has over 15 years in the equipment rental industry, working at companies such as Komatsu Canada, SMS Rents and Cooper Equipment Rentals. Rod is currently the Rental Fleet Manager at Cooper Equipment Rentals, one of the fastest growing rental businesses in Canada. Rod was involved in implementing a telematics solution that enables the Cooper Team to view data from multiple GPS units in a single screen, empowering their staff to make faster and more informed decisions about their rental fleet.

#30 - Kate Everitt

Kate Everitt has over 20 years experience in the equipment rental industry, first joining the material handling industry with companies such as Brambles and National Fleet before eventually joining Baseplan Software, an ERP software provider for the equipment rental industry. Kate is currently the Director of Customer Success at Baseplan Software and talks about the journey in the industry, some of the challenges she faced and some advice to other women in the equipment rental industry.

#29 - Sarah Kuhne

Sarah Kuhne is a Project Manager at her fathers family business, Guardian Gantry Hire in Queensland Australia. Working at a family business Sarah is exposed to all facets of the business, and is in the process of also completing her PHD at Griffith University. In 2020 Sarah was included in the Top 100 Women in Construction and someone to watch as a future leader of the equipment rental industry.

#28 - Chania Rodwell

Chania Rodwell is the Group Finance Director at Vortex Group of Companies, one of the fastest growing Pump and Power provides in Australia. Chania recently joined the equipment rental industry after spending over a decade in the private equity industry. Chania talks about how she got to where is today, advice to people thinking about partner with a private equity fund, some of the challenges women face in their career and advice to other females interested in joining the equipment rental industry.

#27 - Angela McLachlan

Angela McLachlan has over 20 years experience in the equipment rental industry, first joining through her fathers business, General Rentals. Today Angela is the Application Support Manager at Onsite Rental Group and was the recipient of the 2020 ONSTAR award. Angela talks about her journey in the industry, some of the challenges she faced in her career and advice to other females interested in joining the equipment rental industry.

#26 - Manelle Merhi

Manelle Merhi has over 18 years experience working in the equipment rental industry. Working at companies such as Kennards Hire, Coates Hire and Hilti. Manelle is currently the General Manager of Marketing and Customer Experience at Kennards Hire. Celebrating International Women's Day, we cover how Manelle arrived at where she is today, some of the challenges she has faced, advice to other women looking to join the equipment rental industry and how she juggles being a mum and a successful business leader.

#25 - Heidi Sundin & Manal Thomas

Both leaders within the Coates Hire organization, Heidi Sundin is the Group Manager, Strategy and Customer Experience and Manal Thomas is the Group Manager, Organisational Effectiveness. In conjunction with International Women's Day, we talk about their preconceived thoughts before joining the equipment rental industry, how the equipment rental industry can attract more female candidates and what initiatives Coates Hire have in place to continually improve diversity in the workplace.

#24 - Scott Cannon

Scott Cannon is the CEO of BigRentz, the fastest growing online equipment rental company in the world. Scott Cannon is an accomplished executive with over 20 years of experience successfully developing high growth in mid-sized companies. Scott talks about how he first got associated with BigRentz, how the company has evolved over the past few years and where they are heading.

#23 - Michael McDaniel

Michael McDaniel is the Owner of Ideal Rent-All, an independent General Rental business based in Mount Vernon, Washington. Michael first started his business by floating the company on a credit cards and renting party supplies. Today Ideal Rent-All supplies general tools, construction, party and event equipment, housing over 1,500 assets that are available for rent. Michael is heavily involved with the American Rental Association, where he served a 3 year term as the ARA Region Eight Director.

#22 - Adrian Manning

Adrian Manning is the Chief Operating Officer at Coates Hire, Australia's largest nationwide industrial and general equipment hire company. Adrian has worked from the ground up, being involved with companies such as Acme Hire, St George Hire, National Hire, Kennards Hire and now Coates Hire. Adrian shares his journey, while also providing some insight into key events such as the merger between National Hire and Coates Hire.

#21 - Jake White

Jake White has over 9 years’ experience in the equipment rental industry, working his way up to become the Kennards Hire Concrete Care Branch Manager in Belmont Western Australia. Jake talks about joining the industry at 19 as a serviceman driver, working in various Kennards Hire speciality divisions, the process to eventually become a Branch Manager and provides some insight for others that are interested in following a similar path.

#20 - Louise Azzopardi

Louise Azzopardi is a heavy vehicle mechanic by trade and has worked at companies such as Cummins and WesTrac. Louise talks about what it was like joining a male dominated industry and some of the challenges she was faced with. Louise was the 1st female to win gold at the Australian National World Skills Competition in the category of Heavy Vehicle Mechanics, and competed at an international level placing 4th in the world. Today Louise has a passion for training and assessment, passing her skills onto the next generation, while also completing public speaking and inspiring others.

#19 - Jamie Haitas

Jamie Haitas is the General Manager at Mr Traffic Hire in Melbourne, Australia and has over 10 years experience in the industry, specializing in traffic management solutions. Jamie opens up about some of the struggles he went through from over working and putting too much pressure on himself.

#18 - Federica Gargiuli

Federica Gargiuli is regarded as one of the top recruitment specialist in the equipment rental industry, and is the Principal Consultant at Lead Group. Federica talks about her journey in the equipment rental industry, talks about some of the common challenges rental businesses are faced with and provides some tips on improving your recruitment strategy.

#17 - Donald Charbonnet

Donald Charbonnet has over 45 years experience in the equipment rental industry, working at companies such as American Rental, Buckner Rental Service, Neff Rental, Nations Rent, Louisiana Cat, EquipCo and today he specializes in mergers and acquisitions in the equipment rental industry. Donald has also appeared twice on the front over of the RER Magazine, and wrote the booked "SCREW YOU! The Comeback is Always Stronger Than the Setback". In additional to this, Donald was also the host of RentalEquip Talk Radio through The VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network.

#16 - Peter Lancken

Peter Lancken is one of the most recognized individuals in the equipment rental industry. Peter has over 45 years experience in the industry, receiving awards from both the American Rental Association and the Hire & Rental Industry Association. In addition to this, Peter was also awarded an Order of the Medal of Australia (Member of the Order - AM) for his significant service to the equipment hire and rental industry and the community. Peter is a non-executive chairman on various boards, was at one point was the Managing Director of GKN Australia, and served as the Kennards Hire Managing Director between 1994 - 2009.

#15 - Ken Baker

Ken Baker is the Managing Director at Height 4 Hire in Brisbane, Australia and has over 15 years experience in the industry, working at companies such as General Rentals and Force Access. Ken talks about starting his own hire business, growing from 55 machines to 700 machines, working with family and the importance that suppliers play in helping grow small businesses.

#14 - Doug Dougherty

Doug Dougherty is the CEO at Cooper Equipment Rentals in Canada and has over 30 years experience in the industry, working at companies such as Ray-Gordon Equipment and United Rentals. Doug talks about what it is like running Canada’s fastest growing independent equipment rental company, the cooper difference, tips on managing acquisitions and his journey in the industry.

#13 - Miles Beamish

Miles Beamish has over 18 years experience in the equipment rental industry, providing equipment finance solutions as a Senior Finance Broker for the Finlease Group. Miles shares his journey in the industry and provides some advice around managing your equipment finance.

#12 - Braden Murrin

Braden Murrin has over 20 years experience in the equipment rental industry, working at companies such as Advanced Scaffold, Hire One, Kennards Hire and and is currently the NSW General Manager at CEA. Braden at one point was the NSW HRIA President, and serves as a mentor for the HRIA Women in Hire Program.

#11 - Bruce Peatman

Bruce Peatman has over 25 years experience in the equipment rental industry, working at companies such as Crown Forklifts and Hubtex Australia. Bruce shares his journey of joining Hubtex Australia as a technician, helping Bill Parry grow the business into one of the largest forklift distributors in the world, and eventually becoming the Managing Director.

#10 - Viv Kennelly

Viv Kennelly has has over 30 years experience in the equipment rental industry, working at companies such as GKN Rentals, Coates Hire and most recently Royal Wolf. Viv talks about his journey in the equipment rental industry, while also providing some great advice in relation to Key Account Management and Sales.

#09 - Michael Bell

Michael Bell is the President at Robert Bell Insurance Brokers and has over 25 years experience in the equipment rental industry. Michael shares his experiences to date in the industry and talks about why Childhood Cancer Awareness is so close to his heart.

#08 - Martin Costello

Martin Costello has has over 20 years experience in the equipment rental industry, working at companies such as National Hire, Coates Hire and most recently Alltracks Plant Hire. Martin talks about some of the philosophies they have at Alltracks Plant Hire and how they positively affect the customer.

#07 - Allen Besseling

Allen Besseling is the CEO at Hire Express, and has over 30 years experience in the equipment rental industry. Starting off at Macbro Rental in 1986, Allen would go on to become the CEO at Kennards Hire before eventually starting his own hire business, Hire Express. Allen talks about some of the challenges in starting your own business, providing some great tips for anyone looking to open their own hire business.

#06 - Mark Snook

Mark Snook is a National Key Account Manager at Vortex Group of Companies and has 25 years experience in the equipment rental industry. Specializing mostly in pumps and dewatering, Mark opens up about how he almost fell out of love with the hire industry.

#05 - Daniel Haskins

Daniel Haskins has over 25 years experience in the equipment rental industry, and is a third generation employee at Kennards Hire. Daniel talks about his transition from rental operations into IT operations where he helped implement Baseplan Software into 150 Kennards Hire locations.

#04 - Jason White

Jason served in the U.S Airforce and talks about his transition into the equipment rental industry.

#03 - Andy Kennard

Andy Kennard is the son of Kennards Hire founder, Walter Kennard. Andy talks about how he grew the business with his brother, and what he learnt from travelling to the U.S. In addition to this, Andy recognizes the value that Family Business Australia played in keeping Kennards Hire a privately owned company.

#02 - Tony Lockwood

Tony Lockwood is the Sales and Marketing Manager at Dieci Australia. Tony talks about overcoming various challenges in his career, and how he helps mentor the next generation in the Women in Hire Program and Young Professionals Network through the HRIA.

#01 - Paul Weaver

Paul Weaver is the Managing Director of Makinex Construction Products. Paul talks about how he got into the equipment rental industry, investing in himself, the importance of mentoring and how Makinex Construction Products grew from a local supplier to an international business.

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