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#50 - Aaron Witt


Aaron Witt is the CEO & Founder of BuildWitt, a company on a mission to make the dirt world a better place.


Episode Timestamps

[04:18] - Who Is Aaron Witt?
[06.26] - What is BuildWitt?
[07:42] - How old were you when you started BuildWitt?
[08:05] - How did BuildWitt as a company evolve?
[11:54] - Did you feel a lot of pressure starting a company at a young age?
[14:02] - How does leadership and the culture fit into BuildWitt?
[17:14] - How much has the BuildWitt business changed over time?
[20:50] - What is BuildWitt Jobs?
[24:19] - What is an internal podcast?
[27:09] - what was your first exposure to the equipment rental industry?
[28:55] - Are you seeing a shift in contractors renting more than owning equipment?
[31:12] - What advice would you have for companies that are still focused on selling equipment and not renting?
[33:52] - What are your thoughts about renting construction equipment online?
[36:20] - What are your thoughts about sharing equipment rental rates online?
[38:15] - How can equipment rental companies be more proactive with their customers?
[40:12] - Moving more online, does this eliminate rental sales reps?
[42:34] - Who played a big influence on you from a mentor perspective?

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