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#55 - Ash Woodcock


Ash Woodcock is the CEO / Owner of RPM Hire, a company that recently hit 10 years in operation. Ash established RPM Hire in 2011, whilst studying for a Bachelor of Commerce and Master of Civil Engineering, RPM Hire initially was an entrepreneurial exercise for Ash, which has now become a successful business specializing in traffic solutions throughout Australia.


Episode Transcription & Timestamps

[01:49] - How did you first become involved in the equipment rental industry?
[04:20] - How did you come up with the name RPM Hire?

[05:18] - What was the evolution of moving from running out of your garage to your business location?

[07:03] - What was the evolution of the equipment you were renting out?

[11:06] - Do you think you can create your luck?

[11:49] - Was there much pressure in starting a company at such a young age?

[15:06] - What was the biggest challenged you faced starting your company?

[19:31] - How did you managing recruiting when you started your company?

[21:41] - Talk me through the culture you are trying to create within RPM Hire

[23:04] - How did you learn your leadership skills?
[24:09] - What are the 9 roles and responsibilities of a CEO?

[25:10] - How much time are you working in the business compared to on the business?

[27:25] - How did you feel when you hit the ten-year anniversary for RPM Hire?

[28:21] - How did you manage expanding to a second location?

[33:45] - What advice would you give to somebody that's thinking about starting up their own Hire business?

[38:33] - what do you think the landscape of the equipment rental industry will look like in 2025?

[42:58] - Who do you think played a big influence on you from a mentor perspective?

[46:33] - If you could give some advice to your younger self, what would you say?

[48:23] - How do you define success?

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