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#58 - Charles Anderson


Charles Anderson is the co-founder of Arrow, a company looking to change the way sales reps in the heavy equipment industry interact with CRM solutions. On a mission to eliminate data entry Friday, Charles and the Arrow team visited over 100 different dealerships to talk to equipment sales managers, reps and owners to build Arrow from the ground up.

Learn more about Arrow at https://www.rentalarrow.com/podcast


Episode Transcription & Timestamps

[01:36] - How did you first become involved in the equipment rental industry?

[10:25] - What is the purpose of Arrow, and what made you start the company?

[15:11] - What are the common challenges that you think salespeople in the equipment rental industry typically face?

[17:59] - How is Arrow different to other CRM solutions when it comes to data entry?

[24:48] - Charles talks about integrating with third party systems

[28:05] - Charles talks through the importance of customer experience

[33:33] - Who do you think played a big influence as a mentor for you?

[35:50] - How do you manage having balance in your life and being a start up founder?

[38:46] - If you could give some advice to your younger self, what would you say?

[41:46] - How do you define success?

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