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#54 - Cliff Chadwick


Cliff Chadwick has over 40 years experience in the equipment rental industry, and is the owner of Chadwick Forklifts. Chadwick Forklifts was the 2021 HRIA Rental Company of the Year under $5M.


Episode Transcription & Timestamps

[00:48] - How did you first become involved in the equipment rental industry?
[04:10] - What was the process in your starting Chadwick Forklifts?
[06:52] - What was the biggest challenge you faced in growing your business?
[08:02] - Talk me through the first customer you ever rented a forklift to?
[09:02] - How has Chadwick Forklifts evolved over the years?
[11:56] - Talk me through how it felt to win HRIA Rental Company of the Year?
[13:32] - What is the preparation process to get nominated for HRIA Rental Company of the Year?
[15:25] - What were some of the biggest decisions you have made regarding your business?
[17:19] - How did you transition another senior leader into your business?
[20:02] - What advice would you give to somebody that is looking at starting their own equipment rental business?
[22:34] - Who do you think played a big influence on you from a mentor perspective?
[26:56] - How do you define success?

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