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#52 - Jesse Buckingham


Jesse Buckingham is the CEO at Record360. Jesse talks about how he first joined the equipment rental industry, some of the most common challenges equipment rental businesses face when it comes to pre and post rental activities, ways to increase your damage collection and reflects on some advice he would provide his younger self.


Episode Transcription & Timestamps

[01:12] - How did you get involved in the equipment rental industry?

[02:41] - Is Record360 focused only on equipment rental?

[04:11] - What made you move to the U.S from Australia?

[05:10] - What solution does Record360 offer the equipment rental industry?

[07:05] - How does the inspection software fit into people’s roles?

[08:06] - Has video always been part of the Record360 solution?

[09:32] - What are the typical challenges rental companies are trying to solve with Record360?

[14:10] - Does Record360 integrate with other software products?

[15:55] - What does workflow mean in terms of Record360?

[18:24] - Where do the inspection video and photos get saved?

[20:05] - What does a Record360 implementation look like?

[22:55] - Who played a big influence on you from a mentor perspective?
[24:48] - How hard do you think it would be to be a CEO with sounding boards and having people you share ideas with?

[29:57] - If you could give some advice to younger self, what would you say?

[33:20] - what do you think has been the biggest challenge you face so far in the career?

[35:28] - How do you define success?

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