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#51 - Matt Lambert


Matt Lambert is the Co Founder of R&L Energy Rentals, and the Co Owner of Pinkwater Canada. Matt started R&L Energy Rentals with his business partner, Tyler Ramage, at just 19 years old when he saw an opportunity in the equipment rental industry.


Episode Timestamps

[01:05] - How did you first become involved in the equipment rental industry?

[02:34] - What was it like starting your own equipment rental business at 19 years old?

[03:48] - What is the Well Site Combo Unit?

[10:54] - Explain some of the challenges you faced in the first 12 months?

[12:47] - What does the R&L Energy Rental Team look like today?

[14:04] - How did you become associated with Pinkwater Canada?

[15:46] - Did you feel a lot of pressure starting a company?

[17:29] - How did you develop your entrepreneurial mindset?

[21:36] - Did anyone ever tell you that you are too young to run your own company?

[24:32] - Can passion be taught?

[25:49] - Did you development a business plan when you started your business?

[29:22] - Has COVID-19 affected your business?

[31:29] - What are some of the challenges working in the oil & gas industry?

[35:04] - How can small businesses set themselves apart from the competition?

[39:23] - Who do you think played a big influence on you from a mentor perspective?

[41:32] - If you could give some advice to your younger self, what would you say?

[44:27] - How do you define success?

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